Advisory Committees

STAC (Student Technology Advisory Committee)

STAC is a collaboration of students from all colleges at NMSU. The focus of the group is to help drive technology initiatives across campus, primarily through the campus-wide Student Technology Fee and projects supported by the fee funds. The students on this committee help formulate new ideas, propose new projects, assist in project details, and are also the primary go-to group for ICT when it comes to gathering student feedback for improving current services. The group’s primary task is to ensure students voices are heard and are represented on all issues related to technology.

ACANS (Association of Computing and Networking Support)

ACANS is the University wide organization of individuals working in technology at New Mexico State University. ACANS represents all the IT professionals working in support of departmental computer technology, networking, and other technologies. Every staff person working at an NMSU college or campus department, who’s primary focus is on technology is a member of the ACANS community. The purpose of establishing the ACANS community is to ensure a broad range of members are connected.  The email list serve is used to help communicate updates, initiatives, and up coming changes within technology services.  Email us at to be added/removed to/from the email list.

FACT (Faculty Advisory Committee on Technology)

FACT is a committee of faculty representing each college on the Las Cruces campus, which discusses technology-related issues for campus.  The committee originated out of the ICT department who reported back to the NMSU Faculty Senate and Provost Office.  Today the committee directly reports to the Vice Deputy Provost.


For information on the above committees, please contact the Student Technology & Planning Office via email at or by phone at 575-646-4857.