The Shaft Award

Chromium Shaft


A Moore Burster








The Chromium Shaft came off a Moore Burster. What is a Burster? A Burster was a device necessary to separate continuous paper in to single sheets at a speed of 65-600 fpm, and remover the tractor feed which was required to feed the paper through a continuous feed printer.

The Moore Burster was a used piece of equipment when NMSU Computer Center purchased the unit. The unit did come with a maintenance agreement that we continued to pay; gladly.

The Burster was the property of Production & Control and the manager was John Eoff. This piece of junk was a very used unit and was continuously breaking down. The clients always understood why their reports would not be available until tomorrow because the Buster ate the reports. Of course the clients never ever complained! NOT!!!!

During this time NMSU was upgrading software from something called PESOS which was a payroll system and there were many meeting across campus. It seemed every meeting started off with John Eoff getting a verbal beating about this piece of junk.

It took several years to come up with $35,000 necessary to purchase the new unit, and poor John Eoff took many verbal beatings.

Once the new Burster was purchased the old Burster roller or shaft (which was necessary to separate each page and some jobs could run into 1000’s of pages) was removed and given to John Eoff as a war trophy.

The shaft was mounted to a board started being passed to everyone retiring from the Computer Center as getting the “Chromium Shaft”.

Jeff Harris took the shaft and mounted it to the current board and started the name tags as you see it now.

Requirements to be “Shafted”

  • Retire from NMSU Computer Center, CANTO, Computer & Networking, or ICT.
  • Pass away while in service and, sad to say, several name tags are for deceased.