The Golden Scooper Award

Awarded to the ICT staff member who, through course of action, best represents those attributes of Shaun “Scooper” Cooper: leadership, fellowship, mentor-ship, integrity, intelligence, humor, ingenuity, and a knack for mischief.  Shaun Cooper, former CIO, retired from the University in Spring 2013 after 25 years of working for NMSU at ICT.  The recipient of the Golden Scooper award receives a plaque to keep in their office, which is identifiable by the golden plated ice cream scooper attached the plaque.  The holder of the Golden Scooper Award will award the next recipient and pass on the honor to the next outstanding employee at any time.  This employee will be recognized and named by email or at one of the following monthly ICT All-Hands meeting.



  • January 2018 – Andy Haggard, Lead Technology Support Tech, ICT Technology Support Center


  • October 2017 – Ron Flores, Supervisor, Help Desk Rep, ICT Technology Support Center


  • August 2017 – Kevin Springler, Lead Technology Support Tech, ICT Technology Support Center


  • May 2017 – Bill Rutherford, Telecomm Analyst, ICT Telecommunication Services


  • March 2016 – Kathy Rivera-Portillo, Business Operation Specialist, ICT Financial Operations


  • October 2014 – Megan Cochrane, Associate Administrative Assistant, ICT Financial Operations


  • July 2014 – Araceli Hernandez, Program Specialist, ICT Student Technology & Planning


  • November 2013 – Danny Bosch, Manager or Enterprise Network Planning, ICT Enterprise Network Planning & Engineering


  • July 2013 – Garan Keeler, System Developer, Senior, ICT PC Server Administration


  • May 2013 – Shane Thomas, Enterprise Program Analyst, ICT Product Development Services